Register data
Registration No
Company name
SIA LSEZ "Caljan Rite-Hite Latvia"
Legal form
Limited liability company
Registration date
Commercial Register
Share capital
EUR 2 844 fully paid
Last articles of association date
LV52103036881 Company is registered in VAT payers register: 14.02.2006
Contact information
Legal address
Liepāja, Kapsēdes iela 2 LV-3414
Credit history
Credit history
No negative cases have been registered in company's records in the credit history database of Creditreform Latvija SIA
Tax debts
Tax debts
The company is not included in State Revenue Service (SRS) actual tax debtors list.
* Data on tax debts are being updated on the 15th of each month and are being obtained from the State Revenue Service (SRS) published list of tax debtors
Key operating figures
2017 2016 2015 2014 2013
Data is included in Full report
Net turnover, EUR
Net profit or loss, EUR
Total payments in the State Budget, EUR Determining the taxpayers’ total sum of payments in the General State Budget, there were selected payments in the following payments types:
- personal income tax;
- corporate income tax;
- state social insurance mandatory contributions;
- value added tax;
- micro-enterprise tax;
- natural resource tax;
- excise duty;
- lottery and gambling tax;
- electricity tax;
- subsidized electricity tax;
- business risk state fee;
- customs duty.
-582 780 863 240 -239 940 22 720
No data
Personal income tax, EUR 360 910 188 510 195 770 129 060
No data
State social insurance mandatory contributions, EUR 664 540 365 870 388 340 246 660
No data
Full report on this company is available
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Products and services
Company report
Full report on company consists of:

- Register data – official information from Register of Enterprises;
- Contact information;
- Risk class and solvency scoring according to CrefoScore;
- Credit history of the company (in cooperation with Creditreform Latvija);
- Company management and shareholders;
- Company management and shareholders;
- Business activities (according to NACE);
- VAT payers status;
- Information on actual insolvency, liquidation, legal protection proceedings;
- Participation in other companies;
- Commercial pledges and security means;
- Profit/loss account and balance sheet of the company;
- Financial data analysis.
Report on private individual
Report on private individual consists of actual information about person’s registered management positions and shares in companies, actual insolvency processes and encumbrances.
Family tree
Family tree is a handy interactive instrument that visualizes company or person’s connection to other companies or persons. The product graphically displays all objects, linked with your chosen company of person:

- management, their positions and rights of representation;
- shareholders, their share percentage in company;
- company’s share in other companies;
Company monitoring gives your company a chance to instantly notice and evaluate processes in other companies’ activities, therefore avoiding unsuccessful or risky business deals.

Monitoring can be used by creating a separate client portfolios, grouping them by personal criteria. These client portfolios allow you to group companies in specific lists, as well as mark, update or change information in each client's portfolio or individual company information. You can create an unlimited number of portfolios, which includes unlimited number of clients.
  • Company report

    Information from the Register of Enterprises, financial data, solvency score etc.

  • Report on private individual

    Information on the individual's relation to companies, insolvency proceedings, encumbrances

  • Family tree

    Interactive tree of functional connections between legal and private persons

  • Monitoring

    Monitoring of selected companies

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